[Playlab]: The Maze EV

The Maze EV from Javier Lloret on Vimeo.

The Maze EV is a two player installation game. One player designs a maze with some plastic walls on top of a multitouch table. He can also sets the entrance and exit of the maze with some special pucks. The other player appears inside that maze and tries to reach the exit before the time runs out. His hints: light comes from the exit and sound gets more intense as he gets closer.

But the «Maze designer» can change the maze during the game. Each time he adds or removes a wall the other player gets some extra time. If the new walls completly close the «Inside the maze» player’s path to the exit, the resulting maze would be considered invalid.

If the player reaches the light the game is over. If the time runs out the game is over. Each game is different.

A project by Javier Lloret with the collaboration of Daniel Artamendi. The previous prototype «The Maze» was co-developed with Iván Fraixedes.

The Maze EV was created in the context of the Playlab workshop organized by Medialab-Prado Madrid and ArsGames. Thanks to the Medialab-Prado team, to Flavio Escribano, coordinator of Playlab, and to all the teachers of the workshop. It would have not been possible to finish this project and its documentation without the help of many people: Daniel Pietrosemoli, Leo Soto, Martin Kaltenbrunner, Mónica Cachafeiro, Jara Rocha. Special thanks to Nerea García for all the help and support.


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