A MAZE. meets DIGAREC. Converging Game Art with Game Studies


Ponente: Michael Liebe


Día y Hora: Jueves 27 de Noviembre de 2008, 17:30.

Lugar: Facultad de Bellas Artes. Universidad Complutense de Madrid Calle Greco, nº 2, Ciudad Universitaria. Madrid.

A MAZE. is an experimental project celebrating the convergence of games and art. DIGAREC is the first academic Digital Games Research Center in Germany. Both work on the strategies and aesthetics of computer games, yet with different approaches and goals. Based on the theoretical models of DIGAREC’s research the installation, A MAZE. Camera, was conceptualized. In my presentation it is used as an example how theory and praxis meet and converge for a better understanding of the artistic value of computer games.

Michael Liebe is PhD student and research assistant at the University of Potsdam, department of European Media Studies. His work is embedded within the DFG-project «Mediality of Computer Games». He is co-founder of the Digital Games Research Centre and active member of the academic network AG-Games (www.ag-games.de). Moreover he founded A MAZE. in 2007 and since then organizes events focussing on the convergence of computer games and art. More to read and see at www.michael-liebe.de.

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